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Ron Gaiser Copywriting Services is dedicated to providing clients with top notch award winning ‘Direct Response’ copywriting and marketing covering a wide range of multimedia. The company specializes in; Website Content Copywriting, Video Sales Letters, and Online Marketing, utilizing proven and successful ‘Direct-Response’ tools, methods, and techniques.

His team of A-list award winning copywriters and technical experts provide website development, design work, and video production. Together, this talented and creative group can produce any element from A–Z for successful websites, content, traffic drivers, or Online marketing campaigns.


Mr. Gaiser studied Drama & Music at the University of California Los Angeles, (UCLA). He began his Los Angeles based copywriting career writing local radio jingles & television commercials for ad agencies, small business, and corporate clients. He mentored with Academy Award Nominee, Ed Penny, (TV Commercial & Documentary Writer), and award winning Commercial Director, Fred Levinson, (#1 DGA commercial director), and (David Ogilvy’s Creative Director), honing his craft writing print ads, and TV / Radio commercials.

He went on to form his own successful Hollywood based production company, “Fast Forward Television and Radio” specializing in ‘Direct-Response’ TV & Radio commercials, infomercials, and documentaries. (See front cover article in Adweek Magazine).

Later, he created, wrote, and produced the successful and innovative ‘Direct Response’ television show, “Person to Person Magazine,” airing on Lifetime Cable Network to over 40 million viewers. His show starred Emmy award winning host, Jean Carol.(See TV guide, testimonials, and TV promo one sheet.)

As a copywriter and direct-response television producer, he was hired as Vice President of American Marketing & Sales at the largest Asian Television Network, North American TV, (NATV).  He wrote and produced TV shows, commercials, and special events that were translated in eight different Asian languages. He acquired an impressive client roster of such notables as; AT&T, Sprint, Cathay Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Jiffy-lube, Government Anti-Smoking Campaign, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Caesars World Entertainment, and many other Las Vegas & Tahoe casinos.(See ‘TV Programming Magazine’, and Dragon Boat Festival articles).

He went on to create, write, and produce many other  of his ‘big ideas’ such as: The following televised special events; “The Los Angeles International Dragon Boat Races & Festival”, “Lantern Night Festival”, “Chinese New Year’s Parade & Festival” and “The Lake Tahoe International Dragon Boat Races & Festival”.

His  direct-response television and copywriting skills gave him an edge over competition when he transitioned into Web Copywriting. With the  internet now  being the ultimate direct-response medium, online web-copywriting and content is king.  Not only does Mr. Gaiser have a distinct advantage from his past successes, he  has also studied and worked with the top Website Copywriters in the industry such as, Nick Usborne, Michael Masterson, Gary Bencivenga, Paul Hollingshead, Clayton Makepeace, and many more.

Mr. Gaiser is a published author, ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers) songwriter, a member of the American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI), the Writers Guild of America (WGA), and the Authors Guild of America (AGA). ( See his other links: , Other contributing staff members include; SABINA DHAKA / MASTER WEB DESIGNER, ERIC STEIN / DIRECTOR OF IT & VIDEO PRODUCTION, BRUCE HANIFAN / SOUND & MUSIC DESIGN.